Shaka Hawaiian Restaurant is a breath of fresh air in the busy metro. Seated at one of the busiest blocks in IT Park, the restaurant embodies the tropical state with a Cebuano touch. It opened its doors to the Cebuano market last September 2016.

Shaka is a common Hawaiian greeting that is also used in the surf culture. It is also known as “hang loose” and as a friendly gesture.

Taking the exterior of a treehouse, an ultimate child’s dream, the ambiance creates a lively yet calm Hawaiian feeling. It is perfect for a casual brunch and a lazy afternoon catch-up with friends. The restaurant’s dining area features a lighted tree house and colorful hanging umbrellas. Customers can also enjoy being serenaded by live bands playing folk Hawaiian and reggae music while dining as well as enjoy the night breeze as they take their cold sips.

It offers popular Hawaiian-inspired dishes like Loco Moco, a Hawaiian comfort food, Kahuku Garlic Shrimp, Hawaiian classic Huli-Huli chicken, and Shoyu chicken to name a few–to give everyone their fill of island paradise, coupled with some of Filipino favorites like Kapampangan Sisig and Chicharon Bulaklak.